Intuitive Workshops


Uniting Mind, Body and Spirit to Manage Stress and Anxiety and to Promote Emotional Regulation and True Holistic Health.

Available for Kids, Teens, Adults and Families.


Compilation of Pics from the 2016 Intuitive Workshops

Workshops designed for Managing Stress and Anxiety to Promote Peace, Happiness,

Family Unity and General well Being for Kids, Teens and Adults.

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Empath Workshops

These 1.5 hour workshops were designed to teach our Kids, Teens and Adult Empaths (or those labelled as “Highly Sensitive”) how to manage their stress and anxiety as a result of their Empathy.

You yourself might be an empath and want to learn more about it or you might be the parent/carer of an empath kid and want to help them learn how to self regulate their empathy.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

  • what is an empath?,
  • grounding/earthing methods,
  • breathing exercises,
  • clearing negative energy methods,
  • energy protection   and
  • participate in a guided meditation.

These are fun, hands on workshops with a variety of visual, auditory, physical and verbal presentations and activities to cater for most learning styles. We will be practising techniques and strategies throughout the workshop and we will end with a guided meditation led by me.

Parents are encouraged to stay for the Kids workshops but are not required to stay for the Teens.  Both the Kids and Teen workshops are capped at 6 participants and the Adults workshop at 7.

Kids (7-11yrs) Teens (11yrs +) and Adult/Parent Workshops at a total cost of $30 per person

Crystal Workshops

Various 1.5 hour workshops held throughout the year all centred around using crystals to help manage our stress and anxiety.

Open to Kids and Teens these workshops allow you to work with crystals and discover how you can use them in everyday life.

Upcoming workshops include “Crystals and Protection” where we learn how to construct a simple crystal grid and make a crystal protection spray to keep and take home. (Great for our younger kids as this “monster spray” is very empowering and a wonderful sleep aid).

Every participant will take home at least one crystal elixir, spray or pouch from each session with instructions on its use, ingredients and general information on how to charge and cleanse crystals.

Parents are encouraged to stay for the Kids workshops but are not required to stay for the Teens. Both the Kids and Teen workshops are capped at 6 participants.

Total cost for Kids (6-10yrs) and Teens (11yrs +) is $30-$35 per person per workshop.

Crystal Workshops

“Kim has created a beautiful, safe, peaceful healing & learning space where you feel entirely balanced & protected to be yourself. She is very caring, intuitive, passionate & dedicated. I have attended two workshops so far & am booked in for my third. I have found the workshops to be informative, affordable, healing, reassuring & fun. Thank you so much Kim for my new life tools! Bless xox”.  Briony B.

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