A simple stress management activity for kids to complete, and to refer to, promoting self-regulation, independence, and self-confidence.  You can find a printable PDF version here:  Stop and Take 5.


STOP and “Take 5”
Calm Down Strategies for Kids (big and small)


1. Trace your Hand.

2. Pick 5 of your favourite “Take 5 Strategies” (one for each finger).
3. Add them to your drawing.
4. Colour and decorate.
5. Put this drawing in a spot where it can easily be seen : eg on your bedroom wall.
6. When you feel anxious, stressed or nervous….. STOP and take at least 5 minutes to do one or more of your top 5 calm down strategies.

Some “Take 5” Calm Down Strategies can include:
1. Count 5 Breaths (Take 5 long deep slow breaths and count them as you go).
2. See your “Happy Place”.  See in your head a place that makes you feel happy and safe.  Know that you are happy and safe.  This children’s meditation will help you and/or your child to get started.  Happy Place Meditation.
3. Yoga. Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube is a great resource.
4. Read a book.
5. Watch a movie.
6. Exercise. Go for a walk, a bike ride or kick the ball in the backyard.
7. Write it down. Write in your journal or diary.  This article on Journalling Prompts can help if your child gets stuck on what to write 35 Journal Writing Prompts.
8. Draw it. Colour in or draw a picture.
9. Meditate. Listen to your favourite meditation music or guided meditation.  Here is a playlist of Children’s Meditations that will help. Meditations for Children.
10. Talk to someone about it.


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