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Using visualisation, our kids can envisage or imagine a place, a secret garden where they will feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  They will then be able to take themselves back to this place whenever they need to, in any environment, at school, home, in the car, during a test, at a dance recital or at a medical appointment.  This is a stress management strategy that gives our kids some control over their thoughts in a time where they feel nothing but out of control.

Once practised a few times it takes only a minute for them to land in their Secret Garden and return to a state of calm and peace.

First we start with a short muscle relaxation exercise which can be found here Progressive Muscle Relaxation script


Now we move into the meditation itself.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, you feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  You make your way down this path one step at a time.  There is a soft breeze blowing and the air feels warm.  You are feeling incredibly happy and peaceful.

Just ahead of you, you see a very long, very high wooden fence.  Right in the middle of this fence at the end of your path is a huge wooden gate.  We are going to make our way to this gate now.  You are still feeling totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  One step at a time we head towards the gate and towards our secret garden which is just on the other side.

You reach the gate and turn the large iron handle.   Still feeling feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace. You push the gate open and step through to the other side quietly pulling the gate closed behind you.  As you look up and take a step forward you see in front of you your Secret Garden.

This is your secret place.  Nobody else is allowed here but you.  Take a look around.  What do you see?  Can you see flowers and trees?  Is there a waterfall or pond?  Are there fairies or dragons in your garden?  How does the grass feel under your feet?  Why not take off your shoes and feel the soft velvety grass between your toes.  The sun is shining, and you feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.

As you take a couple of steps forward you notice a huge oak tree at the end of your garden.  I want you to make your way to that tree now.  As you walk towards it, take notice of what you can hear in your secret garden.  Can you hear birds or other animals?  Can you hear the wind gently blowing through the trees?  Can you hear the water trickling down from your waterfall or perhaps you can hear the frogs croaking from their lily pads in your pond?

As you reach the tree you are amazed at its size, you stretch out your arms and realise that its trunk is so wide you cannot even get your arms around it.  You stretch out your arms and give it a great big hug before turning around and sitting at its base.  Your back resting gently against the bark, knees bent to your chest with your toes playing with the grass underneath your feet.  You take a deep breath in and breathe out.  You feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  In fact, you have never felt this peaceful before.

Your secret garden is sprawled out in front of you and is made up of all the things you love in nature.  Take another look around.  Can you see anything different this time?  You might like to add some butterflies or other animals you would like to see here.  Breathe in and Breathe out.  Take it all in.  This is your secret garden, a place that is just for you.  This is a place you can come back to at anytime you just have to remember what it looks like and feels like here. What can you smell here?  Can you smell the flowers?  Maybe you can smell the rain?  Breathe in and breathe out.

It is now time to return back to where we started taking all of these precious memories and feelings with us.  You make your way back towards the garden gate feeling incredibly peaceful.  You reach the gate and take one last look over your shoulder.  You feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  You look back at the gate, turn the handle and walk through, quietly closing the gate behind you.

We are back on the path now and back to where we started, still feeling totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  5 more steps and we will be back in the room.

5 (pause)
4 wiggle your fingers
3 (pause)
2 wiggle your toes
1 open your eyes and take a big stretch


For more meditation scripts and other strategies to help you and your child manage their stress and anxiety, please contact me for a free confidential chat.

Kim X

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