School Holidays can be a time of great fun and family bonding but also a time of anxiety for both kids and parents.  Some parents need to work and the guilt and stress associated with that as well as the guilt and stress around overspending can be overwhelming. It is also a time when routines are thrown out the window which can prove to heighten anxiety for our more anxious kids who thrive on knowing exactly what is going to happen next. The time used on electronic devices also tends to increase over this time which can heighten frustrations and stress and lead to an increase in sibling rivalry.

Below are some resources to help keep the kids busy whilst helping to improve their self-confidence, independence, reduce frustration, manage anxiety, and where practical, promote family engagement.



“Mum I’m Bored”. (Boredom Busters for the School Holidays)
So, taking into account time, money, weather (and the need for all of you to get some much needed rest) how do you please each member of the family and curb the inevitable cries of “Mum, I’m bored”?  You sit down with your child/children and you make a list of activities that they can do either by themselves, with each other, or with minimal supervision.
This article includes a printable PDF list of 50 activities

30 Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Teens
Mindfulness is simply the act of being in the moment and as such, practising some mindfulness activities can be a fun, engaging way to help our kids and teens stay in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen next.
This article includes a printable PDF list of 30 activities

30 Grounding Techniques for Managing Stress
Grounding (or “Earthing”) techniques are activities that “ground” or connect you to the earth and to the current moment. They connect the body and mind allowing us to feel less stressed, less tense, more balanced, centered, and calm.
This article includes a printable PDF list of 30 activities


Playlist of Meditations for Kids
1. Feeling Safe with Archangel Michael
2. Happy Place Meditation
3. Progressive Muscle Relaxation
4. Secret Garden Meditation
5. Rainbow Light Chakra Balance

Playlist of Meditations for Teens and Adults
1. Rainbow Chakra Balance and Energy Clearing Meditation
2. One Minute Meditation

Mandalas: (To print off and Colour In)
1. Flower of Life Mandala
2. Angel Mandala
3. Heart Chakra Mandala
Phoenix Rising Mandala


Another staple we use here at Rainbow Light Therapies is Cosmic Kids Yoga.
A great YouTube site for Yoga Adventures that incorporate breath work, Brain Gym and Yoga as well as Mindfulness clips and Meditations for Kids.

Enjoy the holidays. Allow for some downtime, some crazy times, and most of all, some memorable times. Our most treasured moments from childhood are usually the ones spent on the simplest of pleasures, not spent with the most amount of money.


Kim X


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