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A chakra Balance and Energy Clearing Meditation using the healing energy of rainbow light. 

Use this meditation to shift or clear any stagnant or negative energy whilst balancing the body’s seven main chakras.  A simple meditation that can be used by individuals of any age.

Let’s begin.

Make sure you have allowed some time for yourself to complete this meditation with no distractions.  Ensure that all electronic devices like tv’s and phones are switched off.  If you need to get a blanket or to adjust the lighting, then do that now.  Make yourself comfortable either seated or lying down and close your eyes.  When you are ready, we will move into the meditation itself.


Take a nice deep breath.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Breathe nice, and deep, and slow.  Inhale through the nose……exhale through the mouth.  Breathe in……..and breathe out.  Try and let go of any thoughts that pop into your head.  Just concentrate on your breath and continue to breathe in…….. and breathe out.

Now I want you to see a beautiful stream of light entering your crown chakra from above.  See this stream of light as rainbow coloured.  See it streaming down from the heavens above, entering your crown chakra and travelling down through your body.  This beautiful rainbow energy travels down through your body all the way to the soles of your feet.

Once this light hits your feet I want you to open your feet chakras.  See these chakras like a lotus flower opening up, its leaves unfold allowing a release of all the negative energy that the rainbow light is pushing through your body. See the rainbow light pushing this negative energy right out of your feet chakras and into the ground below you as it travels through your body.  You may see this energy as a thick sludgy black mess or it may look like a mesh of cobwebs and debris.  However you see it, just see the beautiful stream of rainbow light pushing this negative energy out of the soles of your feet.

Once you are happy that your body has been cleared, I want you to close your feet chakras, just see the leaves of the lotus flowers that are your feet chakras closing over.  Let the stream of rainbow light slowly fill your body, just like water filling a vase.  This beautiful stream of rainbow light slowly fills your feet and then your legs.  It continues to fill right up to the base of your spine, stimulating and balancing your base chakra.  Take a nice deep breath here and see this chakra spinning and shining a vibrant red colour helping you to feel grounded and safe.

As the rainbow light continues to fill your body it travels further upwards to your sacral chakra causing this particular chakra to spin and glow a vibrant orange.  Continue to breathe nice and deep and slow as you see this light travel upward into your stomach balancing the solar plexus chakra and allowing it to radiate a bright yellow, just like a sunflower.  You are now feeling more confident and at peace, motivated to take on whatever life throws at you.

As this beautiful stream of rainbow light continues to travel down through your crown chakra filling your torso, it now reaches your chest.  Take a deep breath in as you now see your heart chakra spinning and shining with a healthy green glow.  You feel loved and assured, ready to give and receive love with healthy boundaries in place.  The rainbow light now travels over your shoulders and down your arms into your hands and fingers, filling every tiny part of your torso, chest, and arms. 

Your throat chakra is next and as the rainbow light hits this chakra it starts to spin and radiate a glorious sky blue colour.  It then hits your third eye chakra allowing it’s indigo colour to shine brightly. You continue to breathe deeply and slowly as you now feel safe to express yourself in a healthy way, confident of your abilities and of your truth. 

Lastly, the healing rainbow light fills the rest of your head and reaches your crown chakra.  This chakra is now spinning in a healthy manner and is radiating a vibrant purple.  You feel connected to self, to spirit, and to universe.

Your whole body is glowing and radiating the seven colours of the rainbow.  As you continue to breathe deeply and to control your breath, you feel totally relaxed, totally calm and totally at peace.  You cap your crown chakra so as to trap this glorious healing energy in.  Just see it like corking a bottle or screwing on a lid over the top of your crown chakra.  You are now ready to face the world confident that you can handle whatever may come your way.

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