Following on from my previous article: Top 9 Stress Busters for Kids and Teens, below are some further ‘Stress Busters” to help our kids manage their stress and anxiety.

1.    Zentangles
The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.  These structured patterns help to promote relaxation and improve insomnia.  Pop on some relaxing music or a guided meditation and just let your mind wander.  See for more information.

2.    Reiki
Reiki is a subtle energy technique used for stress reduction and relaxation, promoting healing on a mind, body and spiritual level.  Our kids and teens can sit comfortably and watch the big screen tv or play on their iPad whilst the Reiki session takes place or better yet, they can learn this ancient healing art for themselves.  More information on my Reiki workshops can be found here.

3.    Chakra Balancing
Balancing the bodies main energy centres (or Chakras) to bring about a sense of peace and relaxation.  This can be done as part of an Intuitive healing session or on its own using sound by placing sound chimes on each of the bodies main 9 chakras. Click here for more information.

4.    Practise Gratitude
Think of 5 things you are grateful for right now.  Keep a Gratitude Journal and try to write down 5 things you are grateful for each and every day. When you are feeling stressed, concentrate on these 5 things only.

5.    Colour in
Not just for kids and not just a passing fad, colouring in is a great meditative tool.  It is calming and reflective and can be quite “telling”.  Just lose yourself in the moment and let your mind wander.  Once finished, take note of the colours you chose and the strokes you used.  For more information on colour therapy see this article.

6.    Listen to Music
Music can help you to tap into your emotions and memories so if you want to recall a treasured moment in time or to just generally lift your mood, crank up the volume and listen to your favourite upbeat tunes.

7.    Brain Gym
Brain Gym movements unite the brain, body and the senses improving overall brain function.  When you can access more areas of the brain, and use those areas more effectively, learning challenges and the stress and anxiety associated with them can disappear altogether increasing confidence and self-esteem.

8.    Hand Mudras
Yoga for the hands and your very own built in “fidget tool”.  Hand Mudras help to link the brain to the body by directing energy flow and influencing different parts of the body.  The Gyan Mudra is one of these hand gestures that is particularly good for calming an anxious mind (and for replacing the nasty habit of fingernail biting).

9.    Mandalas
Mandalas are circle like drawings that involve repetitive movements and focussed attention which can provide a creative, safe place for emotional release and meditation.  They are also a lot of fun!

10.  Earth Yourself
Get out into nature and go barefoot.  Eat a healthy balanced diet consisting of earth-based foods and exercise regularly.  Tai chi, Yoga, Qi Gong are all forms of exercise used here at Rainbow Light Therapies.

11.  Practise Mindfulness
Used as a tool to manage stress and anxiety, staying in the moment and practising mindfulness can help to distract, and to prevent your child, from worrying about what could happen next.  Games like “Eye Spy” on the way to a medical appointment or practising meditation are just two types of mindfulness that can be used by kids of all ages.

For a personalised stress and anxiety management plan for your child and family, please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange an appointment.

Kim X

© copyright. May not be reproduced without acknowledgement to the author. Written by Kim Norton 27th January, 2020.

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