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In times of stress, we can call on Archangel Michael for courage and for protection.  To help us feel safe and to feel loved.  To help us face any situation like a test, a sporting final or simply to relax so that we can fall asleep.

Archangel Michael is a warrior and protector.  When you need extra strength, courage or protection, simply ask him for that help and he will give it to you.

See him standing tall, wings outstretched carrying his sword and shield ready to protect and defend. He is often surrounded by the colours royal blue, gold and purple.  If you need extra help connecting with him, you can try and wear those coloured clothes.  He is also associated with amethyst and sapphire crystals, frankincense oil and sunflowers.

Below is a simple visualisation for our younger kids which can be adapted for any age.  Teens and adults can see a Merkabah or hexagon instead of a pyramid and those that are proficient with visualisations can see this shape spinning around them instead of remaining still.

First we start with a short muscle relaxation exercise but if your child needs a little more time to relax into the meditation then please see the full Progressive Muscle Relaxation script here.


Ok ready?

Make yourself comfortable lying down.  Make sure there are no distractions.  All phones, Tv’s and other devices are switched off.  Take a deep breath in and then, breathe out.  Repeat this several times if needed to centre and calm yourself. 

On your next breath in I want you to squeeze your feet and leg muscles as tight as you can and as you breathe out, release the muscles in your feet and release the tension.

Next, we are going to work on the hips and buttocks.  Breathe in and squeeze those butt cheeks as tight as you can and as you breathe out, release the muscles, release the tension.

Breathe in, and breathe out.

Next is the stomach.  Breathe in and squeeze those tummy muscles really, really tight and as you breathe out, release the muscles, release the tension.

Fists.  I want you to make little fists of fury so as you breathe in squeeze those hands into little tight fists and as you breathe out, release the muscles, release the tension.

Breathe in, and breathe out.

We will move into the shoulders now so as you breathe in, squeeze those shoulder muscles up to your ears and as you breathe out, drop those shoulder muscles into the bed or floor below you and release the muscles, release the tension.

Face.  On your next breath in squeeze those face muscles and make the ugliest face possible, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and as you breathe out, relax your face muscles and release the tension.

Breathe in, and breathe out.

If you still feel tense in any part of your body then I want you to breathe in and squeeze that part of your body now and as you breathe out, release the muscles, release the tension.

Take a deep breath in…….. and then breathe out. 

When you feel calm and ready, I want you to imagine yourself standing or sitting inside of a pyramid.

Use your hands and arms to make a pyramid shape around you if you like just see yourself sitting or standing inside a huge triangle or pyramid.

This pyramid can be made of anything you like.  It can be made of brick, glass or timber and it can be see-through like a window or solid like the pyramids in Egypt.

See yourself comfortable and happy inside this pyramid.

You might like to see yourself with your favourite stuffed animal or toy.  Whatever helps you to feel safe and relaxed.

Whilst you are inside this pyramid nothing can hurt you.  You are safe and loved.

See this pyramid glowing with rainbow colours sparkling all around its edges.

This pyramid is your safe place.  Nobody can get in unless you invite them in.

Now I want you to Invite Archangel Michael to join you and ask him to help keep you safe.  Ask him to give you strength and courage and to make you feel calm and relaxed.

You can see Archangel Michael carrying his sword and shield.  He is an Angel of strength.  He is a mighty warrior; a protector angel and he is always ready to help us.  We just have to ask him to come and he will be there.

I want you to see his wings stretch out and surrounding your pyramid, he is protecting you from all harm.  You feel safe and calm.

Ask him to use his sword to fight off any negative thoughts or bad feelings.  Ask him to take those negative thoughts and feelings away.

Ask him for this help now.  Tell him your problems or tell him what is worrying you.

Just have a chat with him for a few minutes……………

When you feel that you have finished talking to Archangel Michael and you are feeling safe and relaxed, it is time to say goodbye and thank him for his help.

Know that you can call on him at any time you feel scared or alone, you just have to picture yourself in your pyramid talking with him and he will help you.  He will always come when you ask him.  Even if you cannot see him, just know that he is there.

Say goodbye and thank him for his help as we return to where we started.

5 (pause)
4 wiggle your fingers
3 (pause)
2 wiggle your toes
1 open your eyes and take a big stretch

You can now get on with your day knowing that you are safe and protected, that you have been heard and that you are loved.

Kim X

© copyright. May not be reproduced without acknowledgement to the author. Written by Kim Norton 30th May, 2020.


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