Career Development and Counselling

NDIS Self and Plan Managed Participants and Private Clients.

Career Development and Counselling Services

What is Career Development?

“Career development describes the ongoing process of a person managing their life, learning and work over their lifespan. It involves developing the skills and knowledge that enable individuals to plan and make informed decisions about education, training and career choices. It applies to people of all ages”.

A career development practitioner might help you when you:

• are looking for a career change
• are retrenched or unemployed
• don’t want to stay in your job forever
• think it might be time to study
• don’t know what to study
• are choosing school subjects
• don’t know what you want to do
• are looking for a better work/life balance
• want a better job
• want to improve your promotional chances

What Career Development Services are offered here?

The Career Development Services offered here include the following which can be provided as part of a tailored Career Development Program or as stand-alone sessions.
• career counselling

• career education
• career coaching
• resume preparation
• career planning
• administering and interpreting vocational assessment
• teaching job hunting strategies.

For Self and Plan Managed Clients in Capacity Building under “Finding and Keeping a Job”.

Employment Related Assessment and Counselling (Item Number: 10_011_0128_5_3)
This support is designed to provide assessment or counselling to assist participants successfully engage in employment. For employment-related counselling, this support may benefit participants who have, for example, experienced traumatic injury and need significant support (over and above a mainstream employment-related service) to develop a new work pathway.
Individual sessions are at a cost of: $165 for up to 60 minutes (50 minutes client contact).

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) (Item Number: 10_021_0102_5_3)
School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) are capacity-building supports for students transitioning from school to employment. They are available during the final months at school and continue post-school exit. These supports are designed to plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focussing on capacity building for goal achievement. These supports will have an individualised approach, with a strong emphasis on “try and test” work experience opportunities, (generally in workplaces that would pay award wages). Capacity building should focus on hard and soft skill development. Supports, more generally, should facilitate positive experiences that contribute to developing an understanding of work capability and confidence to step into employment. SLES should also help inform the level and nature of future support needed to obtain and sustain employment.
Program cost is dependant on the participants goals and invidualised program components. 

Employment Assistance including youth aged 15 to 25. (Item Number: 10_016_0102_5_3)
This support item enables a participant to successfully obtain or retain employment in the open or supported labour market. This support can be delivered to any working age participant with an employment goal. This may include supports to:
supplement work experience available through the school system
obtain part time work whilst finishing secondary education
transition from school into further education or training
explore what work means(discovery)
build essential foundation skills for work
manage complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment
implement specialised job customisation/job carving
obtain alternative employment following onset or exacerbation of disability
assist a person to change jobs
develop a career plan
obtain employment on completion of a qualification
transition from a supported employment service (previously known as an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)) to open employment
successfully engage with a Disability Employment Service (DES) provider or other employment service to secure employment and arrange ongoing support on the job if necessary.

Individual sessions are at a cost of: $77 for up to 60 minutes (50 minutes client contact).

Career Counselling for Study (Teens and Adults)

There are a few line item numbers that can be used depending on the support budgets allocated in your NDIS plan.

Innovative Community Participation is one of them. (Item Number: 09_008_0116_6_3).

Building capacity to seek assistance within the community without formal support including:
– providing readiness and assistance in accessing study and training prospects,
– navigating various programs and systems to effectively engage in study and community activities,
– gaining awareness of passions, skillsets, and personal interests and linking these to study and eventually employment pathways.

Individual sessions are at a cost of: $165 for up to 60 minutes (50 minutes client contact).

Email support and some phone support is also available in between sessions.

Phone calls, emails or any correspondence longer than 10 minutes will be charged out in 15-minute increments.

Cancellation Fees = 100% of the full fee applies to all appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice UNLESS I can fill your timeslot.

Online Sessions

Some of my sessions can be conducted online via Zoom or phone for those that cannot get to the office here in Langwarrin.

This has proven successful with some of my clients who are highly anxious and cannot leave the house and for others who have transportation issues.


Once you are ready to access supports and you have your Plan in place, contact me for a free confidential chat where we can discuss your needs, all costings and make an appointment to finalise your Service Agreement.  (This Service Agreement is a mutual agreement made between client and provider safeguarding both parties.  It includes items such as: the supports to be covered, at what location, at what price, length of the agreement, responsibilities of both parties and notice required for cancellations etc.  Standard notice to cancel services is 2 weeks notice to be agreed upon by both parties.)

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