The correlation between Indigo Children (this can be a child or Adult) and an Empath can be too strong to ignore. The characteristics overlap in such a way that they make for a new ‘brand” of individual, an individual that is not be reckoned with or ignored but one that needs recognition and assistance to survive.

Indigos possess a strong will to succeed, they are warriors who are highly driven yet at the same time can be perfectionists which can create high anxiety when they cannot produce the results to the high standard they expect. They expect you to live up to these high standards also and will challenge you and the establishment at every turn. They have a high sense of entitlement and why wouldn’t they? They are here on a mission, they are here to create change. They started arriving here in the 1980’s to question everything, to make the rest of us re-evaluate and to think, to shake things up.

Empaths are sensitive souls who not only empathise with what others are feeling but actually feel others emotions, energy and sometimes physical symptoms in their own bodies. They also feel their own emotions and feelings more strongly than the average person. Told that they are “too sensitive” negativity overwhelms them, as do crowds and other people in general. They can have highly addictive personalities throwing themselves into an activity or pastime to escape the energies around them. They are great listeners and often take on the role of a counsellor with their friends and families.

The Indigo empath is one who has a high sense of morals, standards and integrity. They dislike those that put themselves first or those that are ego driven. They can get bored easily and don’t like to do too many things at once or things that they do not enjoy. Schedules are a nightmare as the need to have control and be organised leads them to develop routines and “to do” lists but then the very sight of these lists causes anxiety and dread at the amount of work that they have to achieve.

High anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders, respiratory ailments, throat conditions, digestive issues, lower back problems and reproductive and stomach issues are just some of the ailments that can affect our Indigo Empaths. These highly sensitive individuals need to learn how to protect themselves energetically so that they can carry on with their purpose.

Indigo Empaths are intuitive, sensitive, creative and most of all frustrated! Frustrated with the establishment and they are restless for change. Change that will benefit all of humanity because as an Indigo and an Empath, the only way forward for them is to create a better world for all of mankind, not just for a lucky few.

© copyright.  May not be reproduced without acknowledgement to the author.  Written by Kim Norton 28th July 2017.

If you need help learning how to manage your empathy or your stress and anxiety, please see the Workshops tab on this website for upcoming workshops. 
These workshops include “Managing Empathy” and “Managing Anxiety” workshops for kid’s, teens and adults and run at different times throughout the year.

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