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This event is running from 24 September 2020 until 24 September 2020. It is next occurring on September 24, 2020 10:30 am

In this workshop our kids will learn about crystals and how to use them for managing stress and anxiety, create their own mandala crystal grid template and make a calming crystal spray with their choice of crystal to keep and take home.

This workshop will include:
* General information on crystals used for stress and anxiety management,
* Learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals,
* Create a mandala crystal grid template to keep and take home,
* Make a calming crystal spray for sleep or general anxiety to keep and take home and
* A guided meditation.

Each participant will take home a crystal spray, a tumbled crystal and their very own mandala crystal grid template.

This session will be a fun hands-on workshop with a variety of visual, auditory, physical and verbal presentations and activities to cater for most learning styles.

What others are saying: (Jan 2019)
“My son has recently attended “kids crystals for stress” workshop with Kim. I can not recommend this course more for hands on practical techniques to help identify stressors in young ones lives and how to help overcome them. Kim created a safe, calm interactive space for the group to express themselves freely. The kids had a ball making their own take home crystal sprays (my son uses his several times a day on us, our pets, his room). Along with other fun activities and take home (crystals in special bag and mandala that the kids colored and use with their crystals). thanks Kim”. Ruth P.

The total cost for this workshop is $35 per child.
Parents/Carers are encouraged to stay but this workshop will be capped at 6 participants.
A minimum number of 5 participants is required for this workshop to run. If this number is not reached then the workshop will be cancelled and full refunds will be issued.
If you need to cancel, advance notice is needed to refund payments.  A minimum of 12 hours is requested and a full refund will be issued (or transfer of funds to another event) if I can fill your spot. If your spot cannot be filled then no refund can be given.  (Special Considerations may apply to some participants so please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns). 

For any further queries please call me on 0401 561923. Kim X


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