Holistic Counselling

Personalised sessions using a variety of different Counselling and Healing Modalities to Manage Stress, Anxiety and General Wellbeing Promoting True Holistic Health.

Individual and Family Sessions Available for Kids, Teens and Adults.

What is Holistic Counselling?


Holistic Counsellors look at the connection between mind, body and spirit to facilitate wellness, looking for underlying causes rather than just treating “symptoms”. Addressing and treating the underlying issue helps to prevent it from “popping up” in another area of your life.

The emphasis in holistic counselling is always on facilitating self discovery and self healing, empowering the client to take control of their own lives.  My clients play an active role in their treatments which not only empowers them but also inspires them to strive for a better quality of life.

It is important to note that together, we develop a fully confidential and individualised program that can include mainstream therapies only or a combination of mainstream and alternative therapies.

I can use a wide variety of holistic techniques to help heal my clients on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. These include but are not limited to:

  • Reiki Healings,
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence blends,
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy,
  • Crystal Healings,
  • Colour Therapy,
  • Oracle Card Readings,
  • Breathing Exercises,
  • Past Life Regression,
  • Meditation   and
  • Acupressure points and working with the meridians.

On top of these techniques which can be used individually or in a combination, I also use my intuition to assist and encourage my clients to engage in self care and educate themselves about their health.

Sessions can be in a single or group/Family session.

Kids and Teens 40 minute sessions @$70

Adult and family 55 minute sessions at $90 and 85 minute sessions @$130.

All sessions are followed up with a comprehensive email outlining all notes from the session and any suitable websites and links in preparation for the next session. Email support and some phone support is also available in between sessions.

NDIS clients please see: NDIS Information and Pricing

Some subsequent sessions can also be facilitated via Skype, phone or in home (price on application).

Cancellation Fees:

Counselling and Intuitive Healing Appointments

A $25 cancellation fee applies to all Counselling, Reiki and Intuitive Healing appointments cancelled after 9am on the same day as your appointment.


* All children under the age of 11years must attend with an adult.

** All children under the age of 16years must have written consent from a guardian or parent.

*** All prospective clients must complete a Confidential Health History Form.


Holistic Counselling does not interfere with or diminsh the effects of other health or medical practices and should not be used as a replacement for this but as a complementary therapy.

“Kim is an extraordinary counsellor who relates brilliantly to kids. In a world of adolescent angst, Kim offers practical and helpful guidance so that kids do not feel alone in their anxiety and can have someone who is a trustworthy listener be there for them as they discover and firm up their self concept.” Bridie. B.

“Kim at Rainbow Light Therapies has been a godsend for our family. Having seen many counsellors over the years, Kim is the only one that has been able to assist my daughter and guide her in the correct direction as she enters adulthood. Thanks again Kim.”  Sarah B.

For more information or to make an appointment please do not hesitate to contact me.

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