Using chakras, colours and crystals for healing and general wellbeing does not have to be complicated and can be as simple as matching a crystal and/or a colour to the corresponding chakra colour.

To ensure our chakras are operating at their peak, we need to balance them regularly and to do this we can use colour and crystals.  In the beginning, the easiest way to work with chakras and colours is to match each chakra to a similar coloured crystal.  Once you become more proficient working with colour and with crystals, you will see that the colour of the crystal, or colour in general, does not have to match the colour of the chakra but for now, this is the easiest way to get started. 

As each chakra is responsible for maintaining the health and wellbeing of different areas of our emotional, physical and spiritual selves, it is important to keep these energy centres functioning at an optimal level so that in turn, we are also operating at our best.

When working with colour, just think about the colour of the chakra you want to work with. Every colour vibrates with its own unique energy so use that colour in the form of the clothing that you wear, the foods that you eat, the colours you can display on your screen saver and in the colour you can see around you everyday in nature and in your decor. Just surround yourself in that colour for as long as it feels “right”.

Crystals can also be used in the same way and also vibrate with their own unique energy so just choose a crystal that matches the corresponding chakra colour and wear it as a pendant, sleep with it, use it in a crystal spray, carry it in your pocket or even pop it in your bra!  The closer the crystal is worn or carried to the corresponding chakra the better the result will be.

A printable “Match Up” sheet matching each chakra to its colour and a selection of crystals and how they can help each chakra can be found here.

A printable “cheat sheet” outlining each chakra and its colour, location, associated crystals, nutrition and yoga postures, can be found here.

A printable pdf “cheat sheet” outlining each chakra and its colour, location, physical associations, balanced characteristics and imbalances can be found here.

For more information on Colour Therapy please see this article What is Colour Therapy?

If you would like to learn more about which crystals can help calm our kids, then please see the following article Calming Crystals for Kids.

For a Chakra Balancing Meditation that is easy to follow for all ages, please listen to this meditation Rainbow Chakra Balance and Energy Clearing Meditation.

Experiment with colour and enjoy the process. Take note of what colour you are drawn to and work with it, not against it. Your body knows what you need and when.

Kim X


The information outlined in this article is not intended to be used as a substitute to medical treatment or advice.  Colour and crystals come with contraindications and these should be researched before use.  It is advised that any healing using colour or crystals be done so under the supervision of a medical practioner or other suitably qualified health care practitioner.

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