All kids love crystals. Seriously, what child does not love them? They are colourful, fun, and tactile and they can fit in your pocket! They are easy to use as a fidget tool, a healing aid, a comforter, a sleep aid, an item to swap with friends and a stress relief/slayer of monsters/confidence building magical rock that can defy all logic and science.

Children are naturally in tune to the energies of crystals, no matter how subtle that crystal energy is because they “believe”. If they believe that their magical crystal monster spray will slay the monsters under their bed or that their pretty crystal rainbow bracelet will help keep them calm at school then trust me, it will.

Listed below are some crystals that will help our little cherubs (and us) to manage their stress and anxiety, bolstering their self-confidence and independence and helping them to regulate all of their emotions.  I have also listed some magical fun ways you can put these crystals to use so, experiment and have fun.

Crystals for stress and anxiety relief include:

Amethyst (purple)
Calming to the mind it relieves stress and anxiety. It is a protective stone and one that has a subtle calming and peaceful energy that kids love. It is also purple, and kids love the colour purple 😊 .

Charoite (purple)
It releases deep fears and reduces stress and worry. It can be used to overcome compulsions and obsessions and as such is particularly useful for our Autistic children. This stone also helps to overcome insomnia and to give children a calm sleep.

Howlite (white/grey)
An extremely calming stone that calms an anxious mind and relieves insomnia. Place under the pillow for a good night’s sleep or keep it in your pocket to absorb negativity.

Rose Quartz (pink)
A stone of unconditional love working on the heart and the heart chakra. It brings about a sense of calm, drawing off negative energy and replacing it with loving vibes.

Tourmaline (black)
A protective stone that clears negative energy and thoughts, it cleanses and grounds the individual and purifies the air around you. It literally slays those monsters under the bed.  Seriously! It is also helpful against nightmares.


Some ideas on how to use these crystals include:

Sleep Spray (to slay the monsters under the bed and to promote a calm and restful sleep).
Some crystals cannot and should not be put in water so make sure you do some research first, but the following recipe is a tried and true one and a good place to start.
You will need:
1. Small spray bottle up to 100ml
2. Total of 10-12 drops of superior quality essential oils (you can omit this if your child is sensitive to smell) Suggested oils include Lavender and/or Orange for calming, Frankincense for protection and grounding and Sandalwood or Patchouli for extra calming and grounding.
3.  Crystal chips (or small crystals) Suggested crystals include Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Quartz.
4. Bottled or distilled water.
5. Sea Salt (a couple of pinches to help cleanse and purify the air).
Mix all ingredients together in the spray bottle and have your child hold the bottle in their hands declaring their intent for its use. E.g.: Please help me have good dreams tonight.

Fidget tool/toy. Polished palm stones make an excellent fidget toy/tool.

Carry the crystal with you in your pocket or bag.

Wear it as a pendant, necklace, or bracelet.

Restful sleep. Put it under your pillow.

Write your wish on paper and wrap it around your crystal.

Meditate with your crystal.  You can find some children’s meditations here.

Make a crystal grid. A template can be found here.

Gem elixir. There are a few crystals that can be added to your drinking water to aid a variety of conditions but only for our older kids and teens as the crystals can be seen as a choking hazard.

Make a gem pouch. Pop a couple of your child’s favourite crystals into an organza pouch that they can tie to their bed head or onto the inside of their school bag.


Cleansing and programming your crystals:

Crystals are lovely to look at and to touch but they are not the little magnificent energetic rocks of magic they can be if we do not tell them what to do. They need to know our intent or what it is we want from them. So how do we do that?

Cleansing and chargingMost crystals can be placed under the full moon or in direct sunlight for 24 hours. Some crystals can be cleansed by placing them under running water or in sea water and some cannot so until you learn more about which crystals can tolerate which types of cleansing, I would suggest using moonlight or sunlight for now. There is also something quite magical about placing your crystals out under a full moon glow.

Programming:  Crystals are activated by your intent, so you need to tell your crystal what you want it to do. A simple and quick method is to hold the crystal in your hand and gently blow on it stating something like “Please help me to be brave and face my math test tomorrow.”

Whatever crystal your child chooses, trust the process. Believe in them and trust that they “know” exactly which crystal it is that they need because, they do.


Kim X

© copyright. May not be reproduced without acknowledgement to the author. Written by Kim Norton 3rd June 2022.


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