School Holidays are fast approaching and with that comes the somewhat overwhelming task of keeping our kids entertained.

Whilst it is great to be able to take the kids out to the movies, the city, a carnival, or a family day out, this can prove to be expensive and out of reach for many.  For our working parents, this simply may not be a viable option at all as the kids are left with carers/extended family.   For others, it might be something that can only be done a couple of times over the school holidays.

So, taking into account time, money, weather (and the need for all of you to get some much needed rest) how do you please each member of the family and curb the inevitable cries of “Mum, I’m bored”?  You sit down with your child/children and you make a list of activities that they can do either by themselves, with each other, or with minimal supervision. 

Because your little cherubs have helped to compile this list they will feel empowered, more likely to take ownership, and at least have a go at some of the listed suggestions.   Mix up the list with some indoor and outdoor activities, activities they can do independently and together, and other activities that do not involve an iPad or computer screen.

Some ideas could include:

  1. Board games like Monopoly
  2. Make a blanket fort
  3. Trampoline
  4. Have a “Dance off”
  5. Cosmic Kids Yoga
  6. Put on a concert
  7. Create a comic book strip

A printable list of 50 activities can be found here to get you started, just adapt to suit or use as is.

Pop your list up somewhere that can easily be seen by all and when you hear those inevitable cries of boredom, you can simply just point at it.  No raised voices, no second guessing, and no moaning of “I am bored, I have nothing to do”. Make it easy to read, place it somewhere visible to all and let me know how you go.  

Kim X

Some “stressbusting” tips might also be of use and can be found here and here.
Also of value for our more sensitive kids are some tips for sensory breaks which can be found here.


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