Secret Garden Meditation Script

Using visualisation, our kids can envisage or imagine a place, a secret garden where they will feel totally safe, totally calm and totally at peace.  They will then be able to take themselves back to this place whenever they need to, in any environment, at school,...

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Starting Primary School: Managing Anxiety

So your little one is all grown up and ready for “big”school.  When did that happen?  It only seems like yesterday that you were holding their little hand on that nervous drive home from hospital right?  You have done the research and the planning and now their first...

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I am an Autism Mum

Sitting on the floor of the bathroom in utter despair, half naked, glass in one hand, tissues in the other. How could this happen? What did I do wrong? It was not meant to happen this way. I was meant to have kids that would not go through this shit. My kids were...

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Happy Place Meditation Script

This meditation always our kids to take themselves to a place where they can they feel happy, calm and at peace in times of high stress or anxiety, a stress management strategy that gives our kids some control over their thoughts in a time where they feel nothing but...

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How to “Sleep Like a Baby” (or not)

“Sleep like a baby” no thanks. Babies wake constantly during the night for a variety of reasons and quite frankly I would prefer that my kids, and the whole household in general, sleep right through the night. A good quality sleep that allows us to progress through...

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Kids that are stressed for most of their day (if not all of it) have trouble regulating their emotions which can result in symptoms such as school refusal, headaches, stomach complaints, poor focus and concentration, poor quality of sleep, nightmares, tantrums,...

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