What is Smudging?

Smudging is a ceremony or ritual where you can use a smudge stick or herbs lit on a charcoal disk to remove negative energy or clear and purify your personal space. Some studies also suggest that smudging with sage can also help eliminate airborne bacteria that can contribute to the common cold and other physical ailments.

Common Herbs used for Smudging.

  • White sage is often used in smudge sticks.
  • Frankincense and Myrrh are dried resins often used to burn on charcoal disks.

What you will need.

  • smudge stick or herbs and a charcoal disk.
    (You can purchase readymade smudge sticks from most Health Food Shops and smudge sticks and herbs from most New Age Shops)
  • lighter.
  • fire proof bowl to catch the ashes.
  • smudge fan or feather (to help direct the smoke) optional.

One method for smudging your house with a smudge stick.

  • Set your intention. (As with everything else it really is all about your intent).
  • Remove pets. (Pets and children may be irritated by the smell and/or smoke)
  • Close all doors and windows except for the front door or main entrance as this is where you will start and this is where all negativity will leave the house.
  • Ask your Guides and Angels for protection and to help move on any lost souls or energies may need their help to do so.
  • At your front door or main entrance, light your smudge stick.
    (Keep your fire proof bowl with you at all times to catch any ashes)
  • Reaffirm your intent by saying something like “Only those energies that are here for my/our higher good may stay, everything else must go away. I release all negative energy from this space and receive only positive, loving thoughts and energies”.
  • Move slowly around your entire house waving the lit smudge stick gently as you go. (Clockwise is recommended but not essential).
  • See the smoke fill every corner, every cupboard every space in every room.
  • Repeat your intent as you move from room to room.
    (Remember to catch any falling ashes in your fire proof bowl).
  • After smudging each room, see it fill with purple and gold light.
  • As you move around the house all negative energies will be ushered out the front door. See this happening. If you cannot visualize it just “know” and trust that it is happening.
  • Finish back at the front door.
  • Thank your Guides and Angels for their help and protection and see your whole house filled with purple and gold light. All negativity has been destroyed or removed and every single space in your house has been filled with your intent.
  • Extinguish your smudge stick. (Dipping it into a bowl of uncooked rice is an easy and safe method)
  • Open all doors and windows and allow the sunshine and fresh air to finish off the cleanse.

© copyright.  May not be reproduced without acknowledgement to the author. Written by Kim Norton 20th August 2017.  

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