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Creating Calmer Kids and Happy Families.

Holistic Health Solutions for Managing Stress and Anxiety for Kids, Teens and Adults.

All sessions and workshops are held in Langwarrin, Melbourne, and are open to individuals of all abilities, ages and walks of life.

This is where Kim is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Behind her eyes I just know that there is so much going on. She’s picking up on things unseen and feeling energy but her manner is so calm, so in control that I found myself wanting to throw myself at her feet and wail “Fixxxxx meeeeeee.” Kim would probably argue that there’s nothing to fix. That stress and anxiety are a natural part of life and that the strategies in coping with, rather than trying to rid ourselves of, are going to have a much more positive impact in the long term.

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Owner/Blogger, Miss Morni Penni

“I have been privileged to have received Reiki from Kim. She picked up on a number of health issues and alerted me to other problems… and helped deal with them. Always compassionate and caring, Kim speaks to you on a level you can understand and offers tools to help yo on your journey, I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is in need of professional yet nurturing and honest help. Much love!” Megan H

“Kim is an extraordinary counsellor who relates brilliantly to kids. In a world of adolescent angst, Kim offers practical and helpful guidance so that kids do not feel alone in their anxiety and can have someone who is a trustworthy listener be there for them as they discover and firm up their self concept.” Bridie. B.

“My 8 year old son has participated in both a Reiki workshop and private counselling sessions with Kim Norton. R loves her!! He leaves each session with such love, freedom, and self-esteem, it is beautiful to see!! I love Kim’s soft and natural approach to connecting with the children in her care. Kim allows them to be exactly who they are and assists them to see the potential in who they are. I highly recommend Kim as a professional, caring and compassionate counsellor, teacher and healer.”  Lyndal A

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