Creating Calmer Kids
and Happy Families

Creating Calmer Kids
and Happy Families

Creating Calmer Kids
and Happy Families

Stress and Anxiety Management for Kids, Teens and Adults

Most sessions and workshops are held in Langwarrin, Melbourne, and are open to individuals of all abilities, ages and walks of life.

Workshops are also held at various locations throughout the year.

Some sessions are also available via telehealth (phone or ZOOM).



Creating Calmer Kids and Happy Families

Family friendly Holistic Stress and Anxiety Management

Modern life is stressful for everyone. Workplace pressures, money and a lack of time can make you feel like you’re failing as a parent and spouse, and your children may be dealing with peer pressure, bullying or learning difficulties. Add to this diagnosed conditions like depression, autism and ADHD, and it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle to meet the day to day demands of life. If you recognise that your family needs assistance and want to explore your options first, I have a consistently strong track record in natural therapies for families.

What is Rainbow Light Therapies?

Rainbow Light Therapies is a combination of treatments such as general counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, colour therapy, reiki and crystal therapy (that cater to all ages and learning styles). No two treatments are the same, and each client is treated uniquely according to their specific needs.

Treatments can involve the entire family or one on one sessions, as well as small groups. There are no limits to who can attend, and while most sessions take place on site in Kim’s Langwarrin workspace, home and school visits, as well as online or phone sessions, are possible for those with special needs or transportation issues.

All sessions are 100% confidential.

Specific Therapies Available:

  • Holistic Counselling Sessions – where the psychological, physical and spiritual complications of issues and behaviours are considered and treated using a combination of any of the following services offered at Rainbow Light Therapies including Career Development and Counselling.
  • Spiritual Counselling – A combination of Holistic Counselling, Spiritual Development and Metaphysical Practices.  A journey of self-discovery identifying and understanding our goals and belief systems and how they affect our behaviours.
  • Kids’ and Teens’ Managing Anxiety Sessions and Workshops – these regular sessions take place during school holidays, before exams and prior to other significant events. 
  • Reiki and Intuitive Healings – This may include a combination of chakra balancing, traditional reiki, crystal therapy, colour therapy, negative energy removal and even past life regressions for kids, teens and adults.
  • Reiki Workshops – There are dedicated level 1 workshops for kids (6-10) and teens (11- 16) with adult workshops incorporating Levels 1, 2 (Practioner) and 3 (Masters) in both the Usui Shiki Ryoho and Newlife Reiki Seichim disciplines of Reiki.
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy – Using customised blends to treat everything from teething and night terrors in kids, to self-esteem and concentration issues in teens and adults and past life trauma.

Questions on Natural Therapy Use and Effectiveness?

No matter what questions you have about Rainbow Light Therapies, Kim is open to a conversation about what is possible for your life and your family. For an obligation free, confidential, free of charge chat, call her today on 0401 561 923 or email

This is where Kim is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Behind her eyes I just know that there is so much going on. She’s picking up on things unseen and feeling energy but her manner is so calm, so in control that I found myself wanting to throw myself at her feet and wail “Fixxxxx meeeeeee.” Kim would probably argue that there’s nothing to fix. That stress and anxiety are a natural part of life and that the strategies in coping with, rather than trying to rid ourselves of, are going to have a much more positive impact in the long term.

Katie (Miss Morni Penni)

Kim’s work is incredible and has helped our family more than I can express. She is kind, generous, loving, genuine, and full of all the other skills needed to teach young people exactly how to deal with their emotions, anxiety and stress. To say Rainbow Light Therapies has been a life changer for us is no exaggeration! A million thank yous xxx

Olivia W

My 8 year old son has participated in both a Reiki workshop and private counselling sessions with Kim Norton. R loves her!! He leaves each session with such love, freedom, and self-esteem, it is beautiful to see!! I love Kim’s soft and natural approach to connecting with the children in her care. Kim allows them to be exactly who they are and assists them to see the potential in who they are. I highly recommend Kim as a professional, caring and compassionate counsellor, teacher and healer.

Lyndal A

International Institute for Complementary Therapists
International Institute for Complementary Therapists
Greater Frankston Business Awards Nominee

Kim Marie Norton

See for Career Development and Counselling Services for NDIS Clients.

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